Date: 14th May 2008 at 2:56pm
Written by:

Willie Miller may have just vilified himself with the Aberdeen support. In the other day’s Evening Express, for some reason him, Calderwood and some other clowns at our club had to touch on the ‘supporting the Old Firm in Europe’ argument. Now I wouldn’t have been so annoyed, infact I’d be quite happy, if they’d wrote about it to say ‘I hope there’s a few red cards, broken legs and goals…in favour of Zenit’, but no, it was a support Rangers rally cry.

Why should we support them? A club whose fans sing songs containing sectarianism and bigotry, mocking paedophilia, death, wars etc and give Nazi salutes. A club full of cheats like Thompson and Ferguson. A club who fly Union Jacks and sing God Save The Queen. A club who are our biggest rivals.

Oh it’s good for Scottish football, is it? Can you tell me Mr Miller and co. when the league champions starting one round further in the Champions League is going to affect us?

But forget all of that. Do you think the 11 Rangers players who start against the Russians at the City of Manchester Stadium this afternoon will care in the slightest what fans of Aberdeen or the like think? Will my support from my couch in Dubai affect the outcome of the game?

I don’t think so. So for the meantime, sit down, shut up, Willie.

[/5 minute rant]