Date: 15th May 2008 at 5:18pm
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Never, ever, have I fallen asleep during a final. Ranging from the Milk Cup to the Champions League. Never, until last night. Whilst the Rangers ‘fans’ smashed up Manchester for their version of pre-match entertainment, I settled down on the sofa with my dog and a packet of Ruffles to watch the build up in some unknown language in a channel I found pointing my satellite in a certain direction.

The Gers lined up in their usual 4-5-1 formation, leaving Boyd and Novo, their only two attacking threats on the bench, guaranteeing zero action in Zenit’s half.

The first half started. The first half finished. And that was how many shots Rangers had in the first half. NIL. Rangers were being found out. They were unable to play for a 0-0 draw in the cup final.

The second half began. Rangers actually got into Zenit’s half, and not only that, but their 18-yard-box. Thankfully though the man in possession was Darcheville who fired straight at the keeper before Barry Ferguson hit the wrong side of the post.


A few minutes later Zenit had chance #17 or so when one of their strikers made a quick break, chipped the keeper but Papac headed off the line to ensure everyone’s bottoms were still firmly on their seats.

I looked at the time, 68:43. Blinks seemed to last longer and longer, until finally…SLAM. My eyelids shut tight. Rangers had played their part in breaking my cup final sleeping record. However, my sleep didn’t last long, as the bass from the speaker next to my right ear vibrated the room. I looked around the place, until my eyes focused on the television. There were people jumping up and down. Who were they? Zenit fans of course! I leapt from my sofa and hugged my dog so tight she squealed.

Okay, so Zenit were one up. I could go back to sleep. And about twenty minutes later I was woken up again. It was 2-0 and it was the 4th minute of injury time. Zenit had done the business. There win made certain that here I sit as an Aberdeen fan, with a smile on my face, knowing I still have a case in pub arguments, because Aberdeen are still the only Scottish club to win two European trophies and the last one to do so too.

So for that, thank you Zenit. You’ll be welcome in the city of Aberdeen any time.