Date: 7th July 2008 at 7:33pm
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We could go on forever, or for quite a long time at least, as to how the former conquerors of Europe have ended up, well, where we are today. But one of the many contributing factors as to our Spanish-national-team-esque underachieving status is unfortunately attendances.

It is a pathetic, woeful excuse when Jimmy Calderwood blames (or used to blame) the fans for the team not playing well, but we’ve seen it with our own eyes, when more people turn up, the better the team seem to play, and at the same time, more money is being pumped into the club.

Aberdeen fans reading this will know exactly what I’m talking about in this paragraph. When you take that long uphill walk from Pittodrie up Union Street after the game in your colours, you always come across at least someone who’ll say ‘what was the score?’. Next time, instead of saying ‘1-0 them, cheated out by hun ref as usual’, tell them ‘no, why weren’t you there?’. After the Falkirk game near the end of last season I did just that, and you know what the guy said? ‘Cos Aberdeen are pish nowadays’. It’s okay when it’s just a minority of folk like that, but it’s the fact Aberdeen have such a huge potential fanbase, but don’t, because so many have the same attitude as that person.

Aberdeen should have some sort of loyalty system, like Scotland. Those who go to more matches, basically, get first pick for tickets for all games, home, away, European and all. I can guarantee that will immediately up attendances.

You just have to admire fans of the likes of Rochdale. Even though they have reason to support Manchester United, or even Manchester City, they follow their local team, who have been stuck in the same division, the bottom one at that, for 20 or 30 something years. It’s that kind of attitude that’s missing at Aberdeen, and at many, if not most football clubs nowadays.

Anyway, that’s my point.