Date: 15th April 2008 at 10:39pm
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I was just browsing round some other Vital sites and came across the Liverpool one. How could I forget, 15th April, my first trip to Ibrox where Scott Severin’s deflected free kick earned us a draw. No, 15th April, Hillsborough.

Undoubtedly at the Fulham v. Liverpool game on Saturday there will be a minute silence for all those who died that day, for the 19th year running. When will it end? It has to stop one day. Come the 2100s will we still be seeing flags waved reading ‘Justice for the 96’? What about the Ibrox disaster? As far as I’m aware there was one minute silence and that was it. On the first game after January 2nd every year Rangers supporters simply pay their tributes outside the ground before they enter the stadium. Can Liverpool not do the same thing?

And what about the whole minute applause? Who brought this to England? I’m pretty certain this originated in Italy, where fans would clap in time for a minute, not just randomly clap and talk while doing so. I’m sure this was brought to England to drown out the few disrespectful idiots who like to have themselves heard during the minute silence. But if they want to interrupt it, let them. The only people they are letting down are themselves.

And the whole fiasco in the build up to the 50th anniversary of Munich match was ludicrous. And the whole aftermath was ludicrous too. Why should people be praised for not disrespecting a silence? It should be like that anyway!

What’s your views?