Date: 28th May 2008 at 6:59pm
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What’s the difference between the Old Firm derby and New Firm derby?

Nobody hypes up the New Firm derby.

No, that isn’t a bad joke. It is the state of the Old Firm derby (or Celtic v Rangers game as the angelic no-guilt-by-association Celtic fans will tell you) nowadays.

Do you remember that bit in An Inconvenient Truth, when Al Gore compares the amount of carbon dioxide to the temperature? Well, that’s the first thing I think of when I think about the decline of the OF derby. As religious bigotry has gradually died down, so has the ‘pure passion and hatred’ of the derby.

For the self-named greatest derby in the world, the Old Firm derby really does stink. Fans of the teams will immediately tell you about the 90 minutes of hatred and wonderful atmosphere. You call a bunch of religious and political tosh ‘pure hatred’? Then you’re obviously not up-to-date with your football in South America, where police report on death toll rather than arrests during games.

Not only has the brilliance of the derby declined off the pitch, but on it too. Reason? Celtic and Rangers are now just full of foreign players as either side ‘needs to import to try and challenge with the rest of Europe’. There are no ‘Celtic men’ or ‘Rangers men’ anymore. Just a bunch of overpriced, overpaid and over-rated foreigners.

Compare this to the likes of the New Firm derby, Aberdeen vs Dundee United. In 5 meetings between the sides this season, there has been 4 red cards and 14 goals. Why? Nearly every player is Scottish or at least British and half the Aberdeen team at least are playing for the club they supported as a boy.

The passion is still there on the park. And it’s still there off the park too. We still have songs to sing. None of them have been banned for general sectarian bigoted sh*te.

All the above is staring us in the face, telling us that the Old Firm derby was never about the football or the ‘brilliant atmosphere’. It has and always will be a religious and political hatefest between two sets of fans who praise terrorism and mock paedophilia.

Rant over.