Date: 3rd April 2009 at 1:38pm
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Anyone who has read any Aberdeen forum in the past week will be aware that some fans are planning a protest (for Aberdeen to sack Jimmy Calderwood) before the game at home to Inverness next Saturday. Possibly unknowing of what a stir it would cause within the AFC online community, ‘stu’ from AFC Chat’s idea for this protest seemed to lack some thought as to how it would work.

Throughout the thread it was established the protesters would meet at 12:00 at the Broadhill Bar opposite the Dick Donald stand. I may have missed it somewhere in the 28 pages of posts, but say I wanted to get involved, who am I to look for when I get there?

The idea is that at around 2PM the protesters will make their way to the main entrance of the main stand. Now, whenever I’ve walked past that point at that time before, the only people standing there are unknown staff, not Jimmy Calderwood, not Willie Miller, not Stewart Milne. What are the protesters going to do? Have they made any banners? (I’d guess not as that would make them ‘flag waving poofs’.) Or are they just going to stand about with their hands in their pockets in awkward silence?

Looking at the poll results, only 96 people have voted ‘Aye of course JMG’ to the question ‘Would you protest 2pm before caley game?’. Of those 96, I predict about 30 may turn up. It will look terrible.

Finally, there’s the time issue. 2PM, before the game?

a) The manager and players won’t know about it.
b) If they did it would only disrupt the build up to a crucial game in terms of qualifying for Europe.
c) If we win, the protesters will look like idiots. And, we may also have humped Motherwell the week before. Would it not be better to protest after the game if we lose?

The whole thing is one big shambles. I doubt it will happen at all. Maybe ‘all talk, no bottle’ applies to the fans too?