Date: 15th May 2007 at 9:04pm
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Some very bizarre things are happening this week that will have the conspiracy theorists flocking towards Pittodrie.

Firstly, Setanta Sports have decided to show the Kilmarnock V Hearts game instead of Aberdeen V Rangers. Apart from all the tradition and rivalry never mind the importance as second plays third and a UEFA place at stake, Rugby Park will be nowhere near sold out and Pittodrie is looking like it will be turning fans away.

TV cameras will only further keep fans from paying to see Hearts Euro bid.

Why? Why? Why?

Ex-Dons captain Stewart McKimmie has his reasons.

That suggests Setanta believe Aberdeen will lose and they want to be there to see Hearts celebrate getting into Europe,’

‘It shows the whole world is against Aberdeen, hoping they slip up at the final hurdle.

‘But things like that will only pull everyone at Pittodrie together and make them more determined to win on Sunday.’

econdly, the SFA have appointed the very man Aberdeen did not want in charge of this match and there seems to be no logic behind the decision.

raig Thomson has never refereed an Aberdeen Rangers match so has not witnessed the unique atmosphere the game presents and looking at his record in Dons games; the conspiracy boffins could have every right to fear his appointment.

Of the thirteen Aberdeen games Thomson has refereed, the Dons have only won three but it`s the card stats that perhaps point towards Thomson having a grudge towards the Pittodrie club.

Aberdeen are not a dirty team but Thomson has saw fit to send off 4 Dons players and book 27 others. Their opponents have only had 1 sent off and 12 in total booked.

McKimmie fears the worst in making Thomson the ref and he said, ‘Thomson is the wrong choice of referee for this game.

‘I’ve seen all of the Aberdeen games Thomson has handled and he does seem a bit card happy.

‘He could end up spoiling Sunday’s showdown if he responds in the same way as he has in the past.

‘With so much at stake for Aberdeen it will be a very physical encounter.

‘That’s why I would have preferred to see someone with more experience, who has handled pressure games between them before, put in charge.’

Aberdeen boss Jimmy Calderwood has also noted the marked difference when Craig Thomson is put in charge and he doesn`t relish another match with him calling the shots. He has been outspoken in the past about this particular referees performances and he will be questioning the decision that gave him control of this vital match.

Calderwood said, “We always feel disappointed after games when he has been in charge.’

He continued “‘A lot of people will be amazed by those statistics”.

But Thomson naturally rubbished the claims as paranoia and coincidence as he replied that he has the ‘utmost respect’ for Jimmy Calderwood and Aberdeen and that, ‘I have no gripe against them or any other club”,

The proof is in the previous thirteen games however and Thomson has given Aberdeen some nightmare scenarios to deal with so with him in charge, Aberdeen are going to have to perform heroics and even that might not be enough if the whistler decides to be as generous to the opposition as he pretty much always has been.

What do you think about these strange goings on before Aberdeen`s biggest match of the season?

Are Setanta correct to show the Hearts game?

nd is Thomson the right man to be in charge as the statistics are just coincidence?

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