Date: 24th July 2008 at 8:30pm
Written by:

Here at Vital Aberdeen we…oh no, sorry. There is no we. Unfortunately it is I. Just an I. And because there is just an I, it’s hard, and a lot, of work trying to keep Vital Aberdeen running. And that is why I am writing this. Because, quite frankly, I cannot be arsed with the amount of articles I currently have to write on my own. As you do, I signed my Vital contract before I read it, and was shocked when I got to around requirement 98, that stated a minimum requirement of 25 (twenty-five) articles a month.

Some of you may be aware that I do in fact live in Dubai (although I’m currently on holiday in…Aberdeen), which disadvantages me compared to other editors, because I therefore cannot write match reports and the like (note the very general articles). And that is one space I would like to be filled. Below is a list of the ‘journalist’ types I would like to assist me.

Match Reporter

Not necessarily every single game, but someone who gets to around 20+ games a season. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a match report before, you can only improve.

News Reporter

Just someone to post news. All news really. And give their opinion at the end of the article.


A typical fanzine-esque ‘journalist’. Every so often posting their views on the current ongoings at Pittodrie. Can be as critical, positive or negative as felt needed.


A mixture of the above. I’d imagine like ‘News Reporter’ except focusing more on views of the news in the article than the news itself.

Absolutely no computer skill is needed. Literally, there’s a button that says ‘Publish Article’, then on that page three boxes for the title, summary and the article itself, then a button that says ‘Submit’. So basically, if you’re a Dandy through and through, that’s all the qualifications you need.

Just email me at and tell me you’re interested. Or click the envelope next to ‘Through thin and thin’ if you have Outlook Express.