Date: 3rd October 2007 at 5:23pm
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As we all kneeled in front of the telly, two inches away from the screen, tuned into Eurosport 2, there wasn’t any question over who we were gagging for.

As David Taylor pulled our name out of the hat, shivers chilled my spine over and over again. But it was just not to be as he unravelled an A2 piece of paper with the name of our opponents on it. Bayern Munich were drawn against Os Belenenses and undoubtedly tickets were like gold for their fans who’s draw happened to coincide with Oktoberfest.

With Aberdeen’s name haven been pulled out of the hat first, FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk would be the ones making the trek for the first leg.

The important thing for Aberdeen was just not to concede a goal at home, leaving us with a chance of making the group stages. The visitors hardly got a shot away, although it looked like all the hard work had been cancelled out when a minute slip by Considine at the back almost gave Dnipro victory at the death. Had Chris Clark’s stunning effort not been tipped on to the post through a world class save from the keeper, it would have been a different story going into tomorrow’s encounter.

But, that’s life and we have to deal with it. The tie is in our own hands and if we grab a goal early on, we have every possibility in the world of getting through to the group stages.

Jamie Langfield has been legendary since making his return and it looks like Soutar has picked up another ‘injury’. With him in between the posts, the defence should once again have more confidence in going forward and pushing up a bit more – another from Diamond wouldn’t go a miss.

Michael Hart has once again proved his worth so far this season and is probably the closest to an international call up. Big Zander has just been immense and him grabbing a goal on Saturday was just delightful. Considine is maturing and all he needs to do is keep whatever fills that gap inside his head switched on during the latter stages of the game! And of course, at any point in the game McNamara is there to fill in any holes.

Barry Nicholson was fantastic at the start of the season but has had a slight dip in form recently. However, we all know Bazza and one goal (preferably in Dnipro) will see his confidence go through the roof. Derek Young, I can’t believe I’m saying this, has just been fantastic. He was without a doubt one of the best players on the park in the first leg and I’ve been extremely pleased with him so far. Severin has certainly found his qualities again and is back to controlling the engine room. Chris Clark, once again, top notch, need I say more. I saw potential in De Visscher when he first arrived – mainly thanks to YouTube – and we’ve yet to see him in full flow. I hope to see him getting another start on Thursday.

Up front, Miller and Smith. Jimmy’s finally found his best front two and he better stick with it. Mackie, Lovell and Aluko all to come on at some point in the game.

So to round it all of, this week’s Winning Eleven is:


Hart Diamond Considine

Nicholson Young Severin Clark De Visscher

Miller Smith

Coooooome oooooon yooooooou reeeeeeeeds!