Date: 23rd June 2008 at 4:40pm
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It’s the days we live for as football fans. Away days. Trips the length and breadth of a country, crammed in a bus with up to 60 fellow supporters, or in a Daewoo with your scarf flapping widly out your sunroof. Away days are good for many reasons. One is that your not in your city, and seem that bit more carefree about your treatment of the place. Another is that most of your support has been drinking for 2-6 hours pre-match and is that bit more voiciferous and rowdy. And the other is that superior feeling walking back to the bus and car park past the home support after a last minute winner from your left back.

But the question is, who has the best away support in the SPL? When deciding upon who has the best away support, I took into account the following factors: numbers – size of support in relation to success, population, location; volume – generally how loud and often songs are sung; colour – flags and choreographies. I rated each team as below, out of 10.

Team Numbers Volume Colour
Aberdeen 8 9 10
Celtic 9 7 10
Dundee United 5 6 2
Falkirk 6 7 5
Hearts 6 6 6
Hibernian 6 3 6
Inverness 6 1 2
Kilmarnock 6 6 2
Motherwell 7 7 8
Rangers 9 8 10
St Mirren 7 6 7

I may have to explain a few of those ratings. Celtic’s 7/10 for volume is because they literally only sing when they’re winning. But when they do sing it is very, very loud. Rangers 8/10 is for the same reason. St Mirren’s 7/10 for numbers is because of their location and success, and they do travel in quite decent numbers anyway. Aberdeen, Celtic, Motherwell, Rangers and St Mirren’s high ratings for colour is because they all have ultra groups, who put on many displays.

From my ratings (and through my red tinted specs), Aberdeen come out on top with 27/30, tied with Rangers. Celtic come a close 3rd with 26/30, and Inverness finish last by a country mile with just 9/30.