Date: 24th May 2008 at 9:13am
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As I was lying in bed last night, I couldn’t get something out of my head. Why is this Aberdeen team able to hump Copenhagen, technically beat Bayern Munich and hump a Rangers team needing a win to lift the SPL title, yet is unable to beat Hearts or even hold on for 3 minutes against Gretna?

I was going through all the possible reasons, until something clicked. What was different between the aforementioned and the latter? The fans. The difference is the fans. 19’000 against Copenhagen, full house against Bayern, 18’500 against Rangers, compared to 14’000 versus Hearts and about 30 against Gretna.

In no way am I blaming the fans, infact I’m blaming the players. If, at the start of next season, they win the first game at home and say at least 3 out of the first 4, the stay aways will return. We win, fans come, we win, fans come, we win etc. It’s a perfectly working circle and it worked when Calderwood first came, so it will work now.

We obviously have the players that are capable. You don’t draw with Bayern by luck, nor do you hump your biggest rivals when you have nothing to play for and they’re going for the league.

The 11 players on the park will do their job if number 12 does his too.

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