Date: 16th June 2008 at 4:35pm
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A relative and I were discussing pre-season syndrome (that feeling in the build up to the season you can win the league, you know) the other day, and talking about the possibility of Aberdeen winning the league. He explained to me that the chance was virtually nil. I expected him to say, ‘because Aberdeen are sh*te’, but no, it was much more in depth than that.

Say somehow Aberdeen are topping the table by a fair distance come the end of 2008. What are the Old Firm going to do? Well, basically, come in and buy all of Aberdeen’s good players. They would buy players worth normally around £300’000 for £3’000’000. Money that for any SPL club outside them two is too big to turn down and for them is next to nothing.

How can they do it? Because they will get the money back. The money from finishing 1st or 2nd along with Champions League money and all that will easily cover it in the long run and keep the Old Firm at the top.

When my relative said this to me, it made me wonder if I ever will actually see Aberdeen lift the title in my lifetime.

It makes sense to me. Is there any flaws in this? Please point them out if so.