Date: 4th March 2007 at 7:01am
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Aberdeen legend Willie Miller has defended his position as Director of Football when asked by fans what he actually does. Willie came out on the attack at a fans Q&A session which also featured motor-mouth ex-players Stewart McKimmie and Joe Harper.

Willie took over the post in 2004 and oversaw the appointment of Jimmy Calderwood almost immediately. Progress has been consistent but slower than some fans would like as the Dons try to erase the legacy of Danish manager Ebbe Skovdahl who had sent the club into freefall.

Willie responded to questions about what impact he had made at the club since he returned in his current capacity, a role many don`t understand the need for.

He replied “If you want the bad times back I will easily go!

I cost Aberdeen hardly anything and could make much more money doing other things.

I could easily be sitting in Spain working on my tan, but I came here to turn Aberdeen around.

Every team should consider having a director of football, but it must be the right guy.

I try to take the pressure off Jimmy Calderwood, rather than pile it on.

Look at the period from when I left as a manager and came back as director of football. It was a pretty awful time.

Aberdeen don’t have any finances because the club misspent for 12 years chasing a dream that drove it into £13 million debt.

I inherited that debt, but we are in a financially stable position now – there is no roller-coaster like Hearts. No-one should compare Aberdeen to Hearts; we are a well run club.

Would you rather be a Hearts supporter now or an Aberdeen supporter?

In the two and a half years since I came here, without the club being spectacularly successful, what you do have is a good management team.

Financially we are run soundly; we have a good youth system, and a strong first team pool.

Before I came in Aberdeen lacked direction, they were lulled into bringing in chief executives, which was wrong.

What they needed was a football person.

There are too many non football people running the Scottish game. The SFA is a perfect example. More people with a strong footballing background are needed.

Although people think players are driven by money they do look at the football side as well.

If we can put up a reasonable financial package, quality manager and ensure them the club is run soundly, it makes a difference.

That allowed us to bring players in like Scott Severin and Jamie Smith and keep players like Russell Anderson, Michael Hart and Darren Mackie.

The club was going nowhere in terms of youth development before I came in.

Someone like me was needed to turn it around.