Date: 21st August 2012 at 2:58am
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Last Friday I explained the phenomenon of what was formerly known as ‘hunnery’. This has now descended into pure mopery. Another man has today been suspended from his job due to pathetic behaviour from ‘the people’. At half time of Falkirk’s first division encounter with Raith Rovers, the announcer referred to Rangers as ‘Sevco 5088’ – once the company name of Rangers. Fast forward two days and fans of Rangers have inundated Falkirk with so many complaints and threats that the Falkirk announcer has been suspended from his job for one match. The Rangers forums are now split 95:5 mopes to humans over the actions of ‘fellow bears’. Some who were all for ‘the fight’ have U-turned upon realisation of their utterly mopish behaviour.

What pleasantly surprises me is the sense shown by the 5%. This 5% is the respectable Rangers fan – the ones that your friends refer to as ‘a friend who’s a Rangers fan but he’s alright’ i.e. the ones that aren’t fully fledged ‘bears’ and upon posting on Rangers forums are from that day forward referred to as Declan. Some members of the exclusive 5% club have pointed out to ‘fellow bears’ how their actions are in fact detrimental to the wishes of Rangers fans themselves – to be able to sing what they want (references to religions and battles they could not care less about outwith Saturday’s).

I think I need not explain further the knock-on effects of these displays of total mopish behaviour and how this is actually affecting society as a whole. (What was formerly known as) ‘Hunnery’ is becoming dangerous and tapping into uncharted territory. As I explained before, Rangers are the new (or should I say old?) Celtic. Perhaps the Falkirk announcer should have referred to them as Offended FC.

P.S. Rangers Football Club was incorporated, therefore club and company were liquidated.

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