Date: 13th August 2012 at 1:30pm
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Frankie Boyle once made a joke about 100m sprint athletes that went along the lines of ‘I want the athletes to take drugs . . . who wants to see them shave off a hundredth of a second when you could see them run it in 3 seconds?’. It’s the closest thing I can think of that compares to Scottish Football League chief executive David Longmuir’s latest statement.

Ignoring the fact in the first place that Rangers (1872) are now dead, when referring to ‘Rangers’ league cup history, the only competition’s records relevant to Oldco’s history that are juried by the Scottish Football League, Longmuir said ‘We are very comfortable with the position we have adopted.’ The position they have adopted becoming clearer when he followed with ‘The history of Rangers is appropriately described on the SFL website.’

Now apart from the fact that The Rangers FC have won nothing to date bar a Ramsden Cup tie with Brechin and a league cup fixture against East Fife, and as such are wrongly listed to have won competitions as far back as 1894 whilst founded in 2012, The Rangers FC are described as having 6 league cups ‘won’ between 2001 and 2010, the period covering the ongoing EBT investigation.

In turn we can deduce that the SFL chief executive’s statement refers to the Oldco’s history in that period remaining in tact regardless of the outcome of the investigation. The man may as well have said ‘we accept cheating’.

I have an inkling to say let them have their Mickey Mouse cups, because meanwhile, the Scottish Football Association and Scottish Premier League are piecing together a document proposing the stripping of 5 league titles and 4 Scottish Cups from the aforementioned EBT period. Whilst this in it’s own would be of no benefit to Aberdeen, Celtic have already said they believe their use of an EBT for Juninho in season 2004/2005 did not comply with competition rules. Although Aberdeen finished 4th that season, revised results would bizarrely see the club finish 1st in Jimmy Calderwood’s first season in charge.

Open top bus parade to follow.

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