Date: 24th June 2006 at 12:23pm
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After the recent attacks in Scotland,one in Edinburgh and one in Aberdeen,on English people or people wearing England tops,I felt the need to write something on this Aberdeen page,since a couple of readers had asked would Scots support England in the World Cup.

I am a football fan,I collect jersey’s and programmes and love going to matches.I go and watch Scotland,I go and watch Celtic and Aberdeen,Everton,Manchester United I have even been to see Rangers play in Europe against Villarreal,why because I love football.

Now because I am Scottish and Scotland have not quite made the World Cup again,does this mean that I will adopt a team because they have a player called Scotland playing for them ! My answer to many people’s horror was that I wanted England to win !
I even bought an England top to add to my collection such is the stupidity up in this country,a country I may add that claims to be friendly,such a friendly nation so much so that a young boy gets abuse and punched for wearing an England shirt! Not happy with that a disabled man in Aberdeen is pulled from his car and given a kicking !
His crime wearing and England shirt!

I have had enough,I have many English friends and know many English people and I can only say that I have been welcomed warmly by them whenever I visit,can these two innocent victims say the same and what is worse,they live here !

Jack McConnell should not have made his anti England comments,he has just given the idiots another excuse to give English people a hard time during the World Cup.
This is the worse anti English feeling that I can remember and I am ashamed that this has happened.I just hope that people in England don’t think that all Scots behave like this,they still haven’t forgiven us for stealing the Wembley goalposts!

Banter is fine but please for God’s sake keep it to banter,not hatred.